Packing For A Holiday: A Checklist

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Dear you!

By the time you read this I'll be long gone and up in the air on my way to my holiday. On my way to relaxation and throwing my lovely tresses back. I know that for a lot of people the holidays will begin tomorrow and next Friday and that many of you are having the "what will I do with myself!" panic sessions. Read this for tips on how to get into holiday mode then continue reading this post.

I did my final packing on Saturday after a long luxurious brunch with my girls (mother and best friend.) After a day out on the town --Sandton City looks lovely in the rain -- it was back to my place for my ladies and I where we attempted to pack. Let me just tell you, it was chaos. My friend wanted me to fill my baggage with shoes and all my mother kept saying was pack another jersey. As you might have guessed, no packing got done. I had to wait until my friend left and mother went to bed before I could pack properly.

Step one: Lay it all out

My toiletries and cosmetics were on the dressing table, shoes on the floor and clothes on the bed. This way I could clearly see what I had to choose from. Some might say this will make one want to overpack but I disagree. This method helps to choose better.

Step two: Set it up

What I usually do is set outfits around key pieces. That little black dress can be dressed down with my beach sandals and given a chic edge by that dressy jacket, which I'm also planning to wear with jeans a tee and pumps when I hit the shops. Everything must serve dual purposes.

Step three: Pack it up

Good quality luggage is the best way to go as it can hold through flight turbulence and and customs. A see-through bag for your cosmetics and a light carry-on for your essentials.





Reservation numbers


Sunglasses and sunblock (for my destination)

Happy packing and happy  Jetsetting!

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