Perks of Dues Paid

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Me time

Dear reader,

I'm writing this to you from one of the most beautiful restaurants on the African continent, with a stunning menu to add -- Sandton looks good at this time of the day. Nails newly manicured clicking away at my trustee Macinstosh and a strong (not to mention stellar)cup of coffee in front of me. I've ordered a full farm house breakfast and plan on sitting here and catching up on paperwork (yes, the man requires I keep a paper trail.)

I don't feel any guilt. No need to rush anywhere. This is my morning off, the reason I'm so glad I worked my way up from the trenches of menial work. I'll be honest, though most of my seniors and supervisors made me think otherwise  and often -- every job matters. It matters for the company's well being as well as building up employees to take pride and ownership of the organisation's  identity.

When I was fresh out of varsity, after six years of studying, working in my entry level accountant position, which somehow never let me out of the printing, mail and archive rooms, I knew one day I would love to be like my senior supervisor who was always rushing out to lunch. Chasing and meeting deadlines.

As I progressed in the company and began to climb the corporate ladder, I had to teach myself to accept the blessings and rewards that came with my achievements. That I was good enough and had earned every zero on my cheque, every opportunity because for about ten years I constantly showed up. Mind and body ready to contribute.

If you are going through the same thing, thinking that you shouldn't be on your spa day because you have a family to fuss over. That because you come from a poor background from which nothing good is supposed to come, you don't deserve your success. Stop talking to yourself in other people's voices, stop looking at yourself through their side eyes.

This is our time, if you have worked hard for it, you deserve your place in the sun (remember the sunscreen though.) You have earned your day at the spa, your fully-paid for time at university. Embrace it, and remember the person you were when you started, the person who told you that you could and enjoy this day for her.

Excuse me, my peculated made in Africa coffee calls.

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