Plants for your bedroom

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Plants are good for your soul… Why not add a burst of freshness to your boudoir by considering some of these ideas?
1. The symmetrical use of Ostrich Ferns bring a pop of colour and texture to this room that would otherwise be lacking. Ferns just love living indoors.

2. Ferns also make great ‘chandeliers’ when planted in a ball of moss and suspended from the roof.

3. Plants with broad leaves are air purification super-heroes. However, do your research. Some of these gorgeous greens could be toxic to either people or pets. This Juicy Monster is thriving in the sunshine.

Image source: Cocoon Home

Image source: Cocoon Home

4. Why not use plants that require very little love as wall art? Many plants such as mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plant, peace lily and heart-leaf philodendron survive in sub-optimal conditions and can live rather well wherever you need them to.

5. Or why not use succulents to make an eco-friendly headboard? They are hard to kill and often do best when ignored. If you have an en-suite bathroom that produces a lot of steam this may be enough to keep these beautiful dessert shrubs happy.

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