Post-Winter Hair Care

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Winter has finally gone, which means along with the sunshine and fixing ourselves up for the outdoor and socialising seasons we have to take stock of anything that might have gone wrong in the previous season. For me, it was my hair. I don't know if I didn't try hard enough or if I chose the wrong products or got the wrong protective styles.

The season has changed and that has given me a chance to start working on my hair and taking better care of it. I must admit that I was probably meant for the tropics because my hair grows best (and is in its element) in hot an humid weather. It gets all puffed up and big and I feel like I'm a Motown star.

This is going to be my stringent new hair care routine:

1. Wash

I'm going to have to limit my washes to every other week because the current weekly regime dries it out.

2. Drying

Absolutely no heat, especially since it's still breaking. I will be towel and air drying after each wash.

The most important part of this recovery is the treatment. I'm going to back to my favourite and most trusted essential oil, which is olive oil. Olive oil has antioxidants and great Vitamin A and E nutrients. The recovery treatment will be made up of  the following steps:

1. Hot oil treatments after every wash to deep condition and hydrate my hair. This will also help stop the breakage. Tip: always ensure that your oil isn't too hot to touch.

2. A scalp massage, which will stimulate growth and stimulate hair follicles.  Tip: If you have a flaking scalp, this can help reduce the problem and stimulate growth.

3. I'll also use the essential oil to moisturise my hair from follicle to tip.

Tip: Using olive oil as a moisturiser before styling with heat is advised, in order to lose as little hair goodness as possible.

If your hair has also suffered in the winter then this olive oil based remedy is worth a try.


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