Prams that promote sleep – another great sleep space for your baby!

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As you may have gathered, the folk at Sealy ADORE sleep and are passionate about helping you create a better Sleep Space in your home, hotel, or in between.

In our post, Creating Sleep Spaces: MUST HAVES for you nursery we revealed some sleep solutions to improve your and your babies chances of a good night.

In this blog, we look at what to factor in, when making one of the most expensive baby-related purchases... THE PRAM.

The perambulator was first recorded in written history in England in 1881. Not surprisingly, it was quickly nicknamed the 'pram', and its popularity spread across the globe.

vintage pram copyModern prams have evolved to be far more than 'a cot-like four wheeled carriage'. Our prams fold, go running and can withstand stormy weather. So before you jump in and buy the cutest, vintage pram you can find online, here is the Sealy Sleep Expert's advice.

1. Where do you want to use your pram?

There are sleek, sensitive and light indoor prams and then there are heavy, tough outdoor prams. If you will be walking the pot-holed streets I suggest an outdoor pram with large thick tyres and good suspension. If your primary hit is going to be the mall or the inside of your palatial home, then a sleek indoor pram is ideal.graco pram copy

2. How old will your baby be?

Prams need different features for different ages. Ideally, a newborn should be sleeping 20 hours of the day and so if you are venturing out then you will want to get a pram with a cradle option. Bugaboo pram copyThis sleepy phase will not last forever though. Once your baby is rolling and trying to sit up (around 4 months) you will need to strap them in a semi-sitting position with head support. Furthermore, an older toddler will want to be able to see and move as much as possible and so a forward facing stroller with light strap is advantageous. peg perego copy

3. Will you need to put it in a car?

Big cars don't always have big boots. You will need to take measurements and use these to get a good match. A pram that has a car seat that clicks in/out is fabulous. If your baby does fall asleep on the way out or on the way home you can transfer them without having to wake them from their beautiful slumber.

stokke stroller copyYou may have to settle on buying two prams to meet all your needs... shopping online for a second-hand pram is a wonderful way to get two for the price of one. Beware however, second-hand car seats must be carefully examined as if they have been in an accident they may not give your baby adequate protection.

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