Preparing a Winning Guest Bedroom

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I've done my fair share of couch surfing and visiting destinations because friends offered to put me up in their guest bedroom/home office. I'll be forever grateful to everyone who's ever invited me to come to stay with them while traveling not only have they helped me save money but they also enriched those trips. Today I've put together a few tips to help you make your guest bedroom comfortable especially if you're expecting guests.

1. Clean Bedding

A lot of travel lovers don't really care about where we sleep, especially when we can't afford to pay for accommodations -- this is why sleazy motels stay in business. But if we're friends or family and you've invited me (or my mother pressured you to invite me) to come to stay in your home for a couple of days please make sure that the sheets are changed and there's a new pillow case. I will be grateful for the roof, company and home-cooked  meal but a clean a comfy bed will be a much appreciated extra.

2. Kit out the guest bathroom

Most people have guest bathrooms along with their guest bedrooms; if you're one of those people please try to make sure there are plenty toilet rolls, toiletries and sanitary. This way you avoid any awkward situations for both yourself and our guest.

3. Leisure time/Entertainment

Provide a chair where the guest may seat when they have nothing better to do, good lighting so that they may read before going to bed if they so choose. Provide a few magazines and a music player so that the guest knows that it's OK for the room ang just hang out.

4. Add a welcoming touch

Most guest room dwellers (especially if they're traveling and your home is a pit-stop) will thank you a hundred times -- let them. A nice welcoming touch is a vase of fresh flowers, a note or a photograph from the last time you were with them. It's guaranteed to make them feel welcome and relaxed.

5. Blankets/fans/open windows

Provide extra blankets, a fan or let them know to keep the windows open -- depending on the season. Nobody knows your home like you do so leaving an extra blanket on a chair next to the bed and warning them about the 2AM drop in temperature will be welcome.

Do you have any other tips for preparing a winning guest bedroom? Please share in the comments.

Happy Jetsetting!

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