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Sometimes I find myself falling into "typical housewife" territory when I'm home alone during the  day and I don't have any projects. This past week has been quite a horrible one with the news and rampant rapes and violence against women and children. I find that bad news is compounded when I'm by myself and don't have anyone to vent to. So to keep my mind off of the tragic news I've been collecting inspiration-- this is the typical housewife part -- through pinterest, magazines and other blogs for any future home improvement projects. I hope this is helpful to you and helps give you inspiration or gets your mind off  the bad news for at least 15 minutes

1. Brooding...


I think hubby would have a little anxiety attack if he saw the amount of time I spent looking at baby rooms, clothes, toes and fingers on Pinterest and the general internet. Nothing is more fun and more beautiful than the though of a new life and make room in your home for that new person. But no, I'm not looking to make baby four.


2. Bathroom Love.


I'm always on the look out for new ways to make the bathroom an intimate, fresh, relaxing and welcoming environment, especially because I like to take a long hot bath at least once a week. The second picture is absolutely beautiful! The children's bathroom is always in need of some tidying up solutions and I always think the guest one feels small.

3. Summer Kitchen

1, 2.

I have been looking at ways to include flowers and fresh summer produce (seeing as it's abundant) into my kitchen instead of hiding it in the fridge.

4. Jars

1, 2.

I'm constantly looking for new ways to use my bottle jars. I'm not a hoarder, they find me.

What inspiration are you currently looking for?

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