Protect the mattress you love

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How we want our life to go...

morning imagined copy

How our life really goes...

spilled mattress copy

Yes, life is messy.  Tea gets spilled. Nappies leak.  Vases of flowers are bashed over and people get sick.

But this doesn't mean that your beloved, investment mattress that you spent hours choosing needs to end up looking like this one.

The NEW Sealy Mattress Protector gets in the way of life and all its spills. Made of two clever layers it protects both your mattress and your sleep.

sealy layersFirst, a base layer of polyurethane makes sure that all moisture is kept away from your precious mattress, whilst a second layer of fabric made from absorbent and breathable toweling ensures your comfort.

sealy mattress protectorIt has anti-microbial and anti-dustmite properties and comes with an assuring five year warranty... not to mention the years it adds to your mattress.

Visit for details where to find yours. Oh, and while you are there why not get the matching pillow protectors too?

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