Recipe for a wet day

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It's been a wet weekend. I'm not complaining, the trees need the drink. It also gave me a valid excuse to make one of my favourite autumn meals: lentil soup and homemade steam bread. I love lentils! They are a great source of protein, they are high in fibre and are generally kind to my digestive system.

My favourite lentil recipe is dahl. It makes for a creamy and thick soup. On this occassion we had it with warm garlic bread. I hope yur mouth is watering because this is one of those delicious recipes.



1. Three cups of lentils

2. Half an large onion or one small one

3. Stock

4. two table spoons cooking oil

5. Salt

6. Masala/curry powder

7. Water

8. Green, red and (or) pepper



1. Pick and wash your lentils.

2. I prefer to presoak my lentils to soften them and cut down on cooking time.

3. Slow cook the lentils for about an two a half hours or until soft. For more flavour you can add stock while boiling the lentils.

4. Brown onions in separate pan/pot.

5. Add your pepper

6. Add masala and curry powder.

7. Let it simmer and then add your pre-boiled, preferably creamy, lentils.

8. Stir and let the ingredients simmer.

I'm a more of a herbs than spices person but feel free to add your favourite flavours to the soup.

9. Warm your store-bought garlic bread and serve steaming.


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