Reclaiming Sleeping Patterns After The Holidays

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The past holiday was a whirlwind one. I felt like a teenager again, which every one should experience at least one December/summer of their lives. I had ice cream for breakfast (thanks to my little niece) more times than ever before in my life; stayed up watching bad movies or talking on the phone with the boyfriend. Now I can't go to sleep before 23h00...

It was fun to live on the edge (yes ice cream and staying up past my bedtime is quite edgy for me) for a few days but it became a struggle reacclimatising my body to going to bed earlier. Though I had no problems waking up early the problem was that I burned out much earlier and needed naps to boost me. Falling asleep at your desk is frowned upon in corporates, in case you were wondering. It's also a sleeping practice that's frowned upon by sleep experts.

How am I gettingtmy body back to sleeping at its bedtime?

Though I'm not all the way there the good news from the sleep professionals is that the body clock eventually resets itself and that slowly but surely the body will go back to the desired bedtime. All that I have to do is keep my wake-up time the same, which I haven't been struggling with.

Another step is to not sit in bed waiting (read stressing about) for sleep to come. When your former and desired bedtime comes but you aren't the least bit sleepy do a light and relaxing activity such as meditating or reading in bed -- I don't advise using an e-reader. Doing work or exercise because you can't sleep might stress you even more, making it harder to fall asleep. Drinking excessive amounts of coffee during the day (to stay awake) and taking sleeping pills at night might extend the problem. Allow for it to be a slow and natural progression.

If it's been weeks and still your sleep patterns are not showing any signs of returning to normal then check your mattress and if it's past its prime then this guide will help you choose a new one.

Do the holidays ever disrupt your sleeping patterns?


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