Reconnecting With your Significant Other

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It's far too easy to get caught up in routine. Creating a schedule that gets embedded in your body clocks: if the baby cries before midnight mum will go check on it. She will chanage the nappy; if it cries toward the morning daddy will go check, he'll feed it for the morning and make sure it's sound asleep before he prepares for work. Before you know it that's the couple's whole life: the children.

Nobody ever intentionally ignores their significant other or the whole relationship but after a while there seem to be more important things than drinking tea together or going out to see a movie at night -- together.

The first three months of the year are always the hardest on my family and my relatioship in particular. There's always a lot going on at hubby's work, at the children's schools -- with new schedules and classes and back at home. All we ever seem to do is make sure that everyone is fed and gets to bed when it's their bedtime. Not to mention getting to all their extramural activities in a timely fashion.

Our close friends and our parents know that even thought we'd like to host dinner at the house we're often not settled in enough. But with this week being school break we have decided to go a local B&B and Spar for a weekend date.

These are few other things you can do you reconnect with your spouse:

1. Share a book - this is one of my favourite things to do. For as long as I can remember hubby and I would sit in the veranda -- or balcony of our first flirt -- and share wine while he read to me.

2. Talk about other things - start conversations that don't involve the kids, bills or work.

3. Reminisce - sometimes in the chaos and unflattering light of daily life we tend t forget what drew us to our significants others.

4. Share a hobby - take up baking classes, photography or running together. Learn to be together again without the silence that sometimes comes with years of marriage or the pressure of your lives.

5. Cuddle - I may be biased because I love cuddling but a morning cuddle every other morning will make you feel closer to your spouse. A 10-minute hug from hubby while I get a simultaneous hug from my Sealy bed is always a great way to start my day.

What do you and your significant other do to reconnect?

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