Restless fingers

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Adam was feeling under the weather, so he thought he's SMS his friend that works at the chemist to ask if they had nyjdgsnrdgsh

I have been bad. It's a slip that's so out of character that I'm a bit ashamed, I know for a lot of my friends and peers it's as natural as any other part of their lives but for me it's a shock. I've twice woken up with  my phone in my hand — not atop a textbook on the floor (where I keep it) — mid-text! I rarely get phone calls or messages while I sleep because my friends and family know that if they call at an indecent hour I'll pick up expecting an emergency. My project partner doesn't understand this, so on two occasions I've broken my rules, which had me thinking about people who do this regularly.

According to the bedpost sleep texting is a condition that is mostly found in teenagers and 20-somethings. This makes sense, we're the ones with the world at our fingertips. If you combine the SMSes, Facebook status updates, tweets, comments on blogs and status updates, most of us could write a novel in a month.

The number one cause has been cited as "the inability to switch off", most people go to bed with their heads buzzing. They are planning the next day and reviewing the day that's just finishing, mumbling "must call so and so." Most teens fall asleep with their phones in their hands while online and all the person on the other side gets is "Well I tosdff slffh dshfffjdjdddd".

The thing that's worrying doctors is the fact that the demographic that's affected by this is already not getting as much sleep as growing minds and bodies need.

What do we do to avoid it? I hear you asking, well I think the best bet is to keep your cell phone far, this means you can't trust anything, not even your bedside table — especially your bedside table because it's so close and reachable. I think changing your answer to the question "what's the first thing you do when you wake up?" From "I reach over to my bedside table or under my pillow to check my messages" to "I walk to the lounge to get my phone" is well worth it.

Your sleep life is worth it.

Cheers to the weekend!

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