Road trip Essentials

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For the longest time long weekend meant road trips and local adventures for my family, friends and I. Even to this day if we're in the same city we try to make plans to get out of the city and drive around together. Whether we plan the getaway weeks in advance or go on a girls' weekend drive on a whim; I always have fun with my friends.

The obvious source of fun is being with people I love, whom I've probably been missing. Long weekends always give me a feeling of invincibility; that "party like it's 1999" kind of feeling, which is always a confidence and fun booster.

If you (and your closest friends) are planning a to drive down to your favourite spot over this long weekend I think you'll enjoy these tips. They've made my road trips very enjoyable.

1. Don't Forget Your License
South African metro police and other road safety officers (backed by the department of transport) always come down hard on road users during public holidays and road weekends. This is done for the safety and well-being of all road users, we are prone to senseless accidents during rush periods. Keep your license with you, drive dry and adhere to all road rules.

2. Maps/Directions/GPS
I personally don't have GPS (global positioning system) in my car. I'm also hardly ever in it but when I am I don't need GPS because I'm well-versed in the streets of both Jozi and the Mother City. Of course the name changes throw me off every now and then. If you don't have GPS and maps are too old hand for you then Google maps is your best friend. You just type in your starting point and destination and it'll give you the best directions to get there.

3. Snacks/Refreshments
I'm a notorious snacker in my circle. I like munching on nuts and pieces of fruit to keep my blood sugar up during the day. It's no different with road trips, which it why I try to pack my own food to prevent me getting unhealthy alternatives at rest stops. On a group trip you'll find anything from fresh strawberries, dried nuts to samoosas in the snack box. Refreshments are important in order to stay hydrated.

4. Shades

I always have a good pair of glasses on when I drive good and it always makes me feel like I'm in a classic hollywood film.

5. A Good Playlist

Classic songs to sing along to make long drives fun.

6. Good Company

Only your closest and greatest friends and family (especially those with built-in witty banter and karaoke voices) will make your road trip worthwhile.

7. Camera

A lot can happen between departure and your destination. Group photos from garage stops to upload on your instagram, twitter and facebook will make those who didn't come for the trip regret their decision. In this day of wonderful camera phones and tablets one doesn't even need a camera.

Have a lovely long weekend and travel safe!

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