SA Tourism Wants Bloggers to Meet South Africa

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In the time that I've been travelling for both work and pleasure I've become the best ambassador for South African Tourism I know. It's become a rule of mine that if I meet other fellow travellers who are interested in coming to the "motherland" I recommend Mzansi as a destination to consider. It probably doesn't do much difference but we part with the possibility of another person coming to see my beautiful country. So I was excited when I read about SA Tourism's latest campaign.

In the wake of the Big Blog Exchange winners being announced  --16 bloggers from around the world will exchange lives, homes and blogs for 10 days; a South African blogger won in the African region; I found out about SA Tourism's new venture. 15 international bloggers will be landing soon to #MeetSouthAfrica.

These bloggers are presumably people who blog about travel and already have an audience and pull of travel lovers. People whose opinions and adventure influence the holiday plans their readers make.

I love this idea for a number of reasons one of them being that soon international travelers will have more than just news sights to look to for information about our beautiful country. That they'll cease to be at the mercy of their own imaginings: lions tigers and bears - oh my.

According to the SA Tourism site: "the trip will see these bloggers cross the country on four different itineraries that will traverse every province, giving them the opportunity to tell the stories that South Africa has to offer to potential travellers around the globe."

This means every province will get to shine for its unique beauty, people, food and atmosphere. Who isn't sick of hearing Hollywood starts talk about Cape Town, international friends wanting to come see Jo'burg, all the conferences going to Durban? I know I am. This is is a chance for the world -- or at least the blogosphere to see South Africa.

All the travel will lead to Durban where the Travel Indaba 2013 in Durban. The blogosphere  is all about word-of-mouth from sources we pick ourselves who earn our trust over time.

What do you think of this new venture?

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