Seasons Change

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I remember the first time I felt outdone by another woman in my significant other's life; I was 19 and my first real boyfriend's friend from high school was the one who managed to convince him to take a course I'd been recommending to him for months. I admit that the hurt was childish and was a bit of an overreaction but it will always go down as the first cut. This last weekend the boyfriend and I had a brunch date and when I went to drag him out of his bed I found that his helper was more organised than I am -- she has already put away the summer bedding in favour of cosier bits.

Not only had I forgotten to start prepping for colder weather but when I packed up the blankets at the end of last winter I forgot to get them washed. Needless to say brunch turned into an afternoon of shopping for the softest cotton sheets, a new blankets and trying to convince my mother to take my old blanket home with her on her next visit. She has a bigger dryer than I do and with autumn's shorter sunny days my old bedding will need all the help it can get.

Looking around for new bedding and accessories with warmer tones I've found myself contemplating a bedroom makeover. My bedroom hasn't seem much action (in the form of new paint, new curtains or rug) in the last three years and I think the season of change might bed a good time to introduce this action.

What changes will you be introducing into your bedroom or life this autumn?

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