Secret Santa and all things tacky

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If there’s one thing about my line of work I hate more than anything it has to be office Christmas and closing party mash-ups. I hate them more than I hate PowerPoint presentations that look like they were done by a computer illiterate grade three student – I do realise that computer illiterate/not computer savvy third graders are hard to come by these days. In fact, I wager that children now come equipped with a working knowledge of technology but due to parents’ ignorance the ability only gets activated around two and a half to three-years of age when the child gets a bit of freedom to explore on its own. I’m not a fan of office parties; I’d take a team building challenge in the great outdoors or a substantial bonus over an open bar and all the hors d’oeuvres I can eat any day.

The funny thing though is that the first time that I have a boss ask me how I think the “closing party budget” should be spent I simply didn’t have the heart to scream “Team building boot camp!”  The annual office party may not be my number one pick or even a favourite on the events calendar, but for many of my colleagues it is. It is the event that signifies the end of the year, a chance to wear sequins and open toe shoes and probably the last chance to share some good skinner with colleagues without laptop screens getting in the way.

So, an office party it is. This means that this week I am looking forward to a few things:

-Bad finger food;

-Awesome wine;

-Never to be worn again Christmas clothes (ties, jerseys and Rudolf hankies);

-The wonderful present my secret Santa will buy me;

-The one not-so-good-looking colleague, wearing a hideous jersey and Rudolf’s nose, trying to get lucky with me;

-And of course, the usual horror scenes that always happen at informal office events.

Did I mention that the wine would be free? I know, I'm trying to convince myself to make an appearance and as mother said: "you are trying to be in charge one day, go to these things. Mingle. Besides, do you know how many single people will be at this thing? They'll get to see you as more that a powerful woman in a pencil skirt."


A powerful woman in a pant suit with a glass of Merlot it is!

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