See Your Jozi: City Sightseeing Jo’burg

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I'm lucky that I moved o Jo'burg as a student, which allowed me to see all parts of it and fall in love with the city as a whole. I've done it all: seedy concert venues, high tea in the suburbs of Parkhurst -- even shopping up a storm in Sandton as a graduation present from my parents. My motto in loving and living in this city had been to try something at least once. If I ended up not liking the experience then I'd have a new memory. That's what I bring you this week, a chance at a new experience.

I first saw the Red City Tour Bus on one of my lazy Saturdays at the Neighbourgoods market earlier this year. Dear Lazy Saturdays, I miss you. Though it's not something I would personally do I recommend it for any of you Jo'burgers looking for a way to get to know your city.

It's sometimes fun to do touristy things in your own city -- I've been on tours to Table Mountain and had friends "take me to see" Long street and other "things to do when you go to Cape Town" kinds of places.

The City bus covers Goldreef City, Ghandhi Square, Newtown, The Apartheid museum, a walk in the Mining District, Braamfontein, the Wits Origins Centre and Constitutional Hill. These are all beautiful places in both our city and history, they make Johannesburg tick.

You can book a ticket at the Gold Reef City tour office or through the City Sighseeing website.

I know the weather is a bit off today (how about that cold front!?) but I think a tour would be a great way to bid farewell to summer. Book your ticket and come back to tell us all about it.

Happy Touring!


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