Sex and sleep

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As a teenager, the rule was no boys in your bedroom. It's a bullet-proof strategy really. No time alone in bed, no chance of hanky panky. In fact, my parents' non-fiddlage theory is now empirically proven. Scientists have published research showing that couples who aren't spending enough time sleeping together are also not spending enough time well, sleeping together. (Science... spending a lot of money and time proving things we all already know...eish).

You see, it's pretty obvious and makes perfect sense. When you're not getting enough sleep you are not going to want to have sex. You will be feeling grumpy, fat and ugly. The only thing you will feel like doing is sleeping (and eating high fat, high calorie fast foods). Sleep deprivation shrinks your libido, annihilates your looks and makes you depressed. Not sounding very romantic, is it?

Another thing sleep deprivation does is make you completely obsessed with sleep. You will become more protective of your sleep than your partner. In fact your partner may become a liability... a sleep threat that needs to be removed. The fear of your partner snoring, tossing or stealing the blanket means they are quickly sent to sleep elsewhere. Plus the Sleep Seeker is likely to try sleep aids like ear plugs, eye masks and bite plates. Goodbye sexy times!

And with your Mr or Mrs out of your bed, you will find yourself caught in another sad cycle. It is true that the more sex you have, the more sex you want. And the more sex you have with the same partner, the better the sex gets. So... in short, you will find you are having less sex which means you will want less sex; and if you do have sex it will not be as satisfying as you are out of practice.

Ironically, sex, the bed time activity you could be avoiding, may turn out to be your secret weapon against poor sleep.

Sexual activity causes orgasm (or at least it should). This means that your body gets a rush of activity followed by wonderful feel good hormones that cause you to relax and feel sleepy. Sex can actually help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer... unless it is your newly acquired children/spoilt puppies that share your bed/soon-to-be ex-neighbours keeping you up.... No amount of good sex is going to help you out with that.

But give it a go, I may be wrong. I am not a scientist after all you see.

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