Sex before bed? What the science says…

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Question: Is sex before bed a good idea... from a scientific point of view?

Answer: YES.

Here are the many, many reasons that medical science promotes sex before bed...

1. More sex, less body fat.

Central obesity (AKA your spare tyre) has a very strong link to the development of sleep disorders. A BMI>30 classifies you as obese (click here to see how to work out yours). Carrying extra weight can be the cause of back pain, sleep apnea and snoring. Sex burns calories and strengthens muscles... especially the muscular belt around your middle known as your 'core'. You could call it sexercise...

2. More sex, less illness.

Regular sexual activity boosts your immune system. A stronger immune system means less downtime thanks to nasty viruses like the common cold, gastro and flu. It's these very viruses that are often the cause to a run of bad nights. So say goodbye to fevers, blocked noses and toilet runs and hello to some killer white blood cells.

3. More sex, less pain.

Okay, so this one applies only to great sex, the kind that ends in orgasm. It turns out that orgasm trumps back pain, leg pain, menstrual pain and arthritic pain. The theory is that the rush of feel good hormones block out the transmission of pain messages to your brain. Orgasm = nature's aspirin.

4. More sex, more happy.

Touching, cuddling, giggling and hugging all release happy hormones like dopamine and stimulate your brain's reward centre. So having sex regularly makes you feel a rush of happiness and self-esteem as you feel like you have performed well. Once this circuit is well-established, it becomes easier and easier to feel good as your brain knows the drill.

5. More sex, more sleepy.

Sex can actually help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. That's right, people fall asleep quicker after having an orgasm than after any other activity as the final consequence of orgasm is drowsiness. After a rush of sexual activity your body is flooded by the hormone prolactin that cause you to relax and feel sleepy.

DISCLAIMER: Too darn exhausted for sex? Especially the orgasm-inducing kind? Ironically, sex, the bed time activity you could be avoiding, may turn out to be your secret weapon against poor sleep. Why not start small with a lingering goodnight kiss or a 5-minute massage. These activities bring many sleep benefits for the same reasons and could be a way of getting back in the saddle.


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