Sleep Expert’s tips for 2013

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The best advice from the Sleep Expert this year

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It has been a fantastic opportunity to read and summarise the latest and greatest sleep discoveries this year for Sealy. Here is a summary of the best advice from all the blogs - the take home message for 2013.

1. Sleep is SO good for you

Sleep is inextricably linked to good health. If sleep were a tablet it could be used to treat aches and pains; moodiness; poor concentration, poor memory, low sex drive, headaches, wrinkles, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure and depression. Furthermore, sleep is the best way to live younger for longer. It protects your future physical and mental health. Get those 7.5 - 9 hours in 1.5hour increments and you will feel wonderful and be able to do everything better - your work, your relationships and your day to day problems. For the full post see Could sleep be making you fat? and Too sad to sleep.

2. Napping improves performance

Tired but need to push through? Don't!! Rather take a 10 minute nap and reap the benefits. Studies on napping have showed improved mood, cognition and task performance.  For the full post see The Best Kind of Nap and Afternoon Slump? How to keep going after lunch.

3. See your Doctor

Sleep is a complex physiological process governed by the interaction of many hormones and negatively influenced by many diseases. Bad sleep needs medical attention. Get to the doctor and ask them to rule out the obvious culprits with some routine checks. Treating conditions such as allergies, sleep apnea, anemia and depression can improve your sleep as well as the sleep of those you love.  For full posts see Oversleeping. What's the problem? and How Sleepy are you? and The most common sleep disorder.

4. Entrainment

What a mind blowing concept. Entrainment is proof that man was made to sleep and that this sleepiness is inextricably linked to the ebb and flow of the universe. It is by no coincidence that as the sun is rising, your melatonin levels begin dipping and you start to wake – along with all the other creatures that share our planet. Fighting sleep is like fighting nature. Nature usually wins in the end. For the full post see Melatonin & Entrainment.

5. You can't cheat your way to good sleep

Quality sleep is a byproduct of a quality lifestyle. Eating well, thinking well and exercising well all contribute to sleeping well. There is no magic pill to give you quality sleep in the long-term. However, not all changes have to be significant and tough. Simple strategies such as investing in a quality mattress and bedding; taking deep breaths before bedtime; watching what you eat and listening to your body clock can make sleeping a dream. For the full post see Foods that promote sleep and What lies beneath - dirty bed linen exposed.

Sleeping is linked to health, wealth and prosperity! May 2014 be a year of good sleep.


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