Sleep Positions

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For a while I have thought of myself as special and out of the ordinary because when I go to bed I always sleep on my side of the bed, on my side and facing away from the door. I have tried with little success to sleep on my other side or on my stomach but it always takes me forever to find sleep and to be honest, I only find sleep once I've turned away from the door. According to the Better Sleep Council, sleeping on one's side is the most favoured position.

Why Sleeping on Your Back is bad for you:

Sleeping on your back not only creates gradual lower back problems, it also facilitates  sleep apnea, which is snoring caused when you stopped breathing. Apnea not only disturbs your sleep, it also disturbs the sleep of your partner. "Try placing a soft pillow or rolled up towel under your knees to facilitate the natural curve of the spine," recommends the Better Sleep council. That's if you really prefer this position.

Why Sleeping on Your Stomach is bad for you:

Sleeping on your stomach also puts your lower back at risk of pain. Most people who sleep at this angle toss and turn and end up straining their necks. The Better Sleep Council recommends an extremely soft pillow or none.

These two positions never work for me.  Sleeping on my back always hurts my back and when I try to sleep on my stomach I never know what to do with my breasts.

Why Consider Sleeping on your Side

Sleeping on your side is the  most common position and is recommended by sleep specialists as it decreases the likelihood of sleep interruptions. It is even recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from back and hip pain as well as it doesn' pu any pressure on the pained areas.

My sleep position -- as depicted on the image -- (a variation of sleeping on your side) is called the Sleep Yearner. Apparently I am: "open-minded and still cynical, suspicious, and stubborn about sticking to decisions once they are made."

For more information on sleep positions follow this link.

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