The Azumio Sleep Time App – Your very own Sleep Laboratory and the perfect alarm clock or not??

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The Azumio Sleep Time App

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I know that I am not sleeping well. The dark rings under my eyes give away that I, the Sleep Expert, am not getting the required R&R.

No, it’s not the usual sleep baddies – stress, lack of exercise or watching too much TV that is keeping me up – it’s our expanding family. Between feeding our 6 month old son, comforting our two-year old toddler and letting out our Labrador pup, there are some nights where I think, “Why did I bother getting into bed at all?” I tell myself: this is a season, this too shall pass. And I know it will, but it does take the life out of you.

The problem with a shattered night’s sleep is that you can’t quite remember what happened when or exactly why it was so bad.

I wanted a visual image, a badge of honour that I could proudly display to those who dared ask: “Did you have a better night?”

The Sleep Time App promised this and so much more. So, I tried it out.

Here is my shocking, mom-of-two sleep graph.


See the blue? That’s when I am in bed, sleeping, enjoying good deep sleep. See the green, that’s when I am supposedly in light sleep. My only quibble? This app doesn’t record when you are awake (it assumes you are sleeping). So, at the beginning of each of those green bits I was actually up out of bed doing a feed or dishing out paracetamol.

But perhaps, this app isn’t wrong… can you call the state that I roam around our home awake? I will be recommending they have a fourth code – red for zombie-like state and that they have another look at their efficiency equation because surely sleeping for 3:49 out of 9:25 is not efficient time use?

And, waking me up at 6:09 after 10minutes of deep sleep was not cool Sleep Time! Surely, it would have made more sense to wake me up closer to my intended rise time of 6:30?

I think they need to refine this app for mums.... they could call it Rise Time? Night duty? Sleep for Peace?

Either way, I will be making my intended rise time much later... I'd rather be woken by a baby then a faulty alarm!

What do you suggest?

More from their site -

Sleep Time by Azumio is an alarm clock that monitors and analyzes your sleep cycles to wake you up in the lightest sleep phase, allowing you to wake feeling rested and relaxed. Utilizing the iPhones accelerometer, Sleep Time by Azumio, senses your subtle movements throughout the night and graphs your sleep cycles.

Everyone goes through a number of deep sleep and light sleep phases during the night. Depending on the phase you are in when you are woken, you either feel relaxed and rested or tired and irritable. Sleep Time by Azumio monitors your sleep phases and will alert you during a 30- minute window that you define at your lightest sleep cycle ensuring you feel great every morning.

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