Sleep Tips For Students: Sleeping Well at Res

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When I finished matric and was accepted to the Varsity of my choice I was thrilled for the three years ahead studying toward my degree in merchandising, design and marketing. This joy, however, was short-lived as I soon found out that my parent were not planning on paying for me to live at my school's Res or rent a flat close to the Varsity. But of course, I'm really glad now that I never got to live in residence -- hindsight is the best.

There we Monday mornings when my best friend said that her res still looked and sounded like it was Friday night. This is to be expected when living in a communal space with people who don't necessarily share your goal to: study, meet new people, graduated in record time and have reasonable fun. What do you d when all you want to do is sleep for a few hours before returning to the library to continue studying but it sounds like your entire res or building is against you?

I've put together a few sleep tips for students living in a communal setting. Hopefully this will help you sleep better and study smarter during your tertiary study years.

1. Establish ground rules with your roommate. Times during which it's polite and mutually convenient to watch  TV or listen music/the radio.  This way neither one of you will be disturbed while trying to sleep or study.

2. Bring a pair of earplugs. This one I picked up from mother who is married to one of the loudest snorers in the world -- my father. Earplugs will help you shut out the rest of the world when while you sleep. I don't know about you but external noise is as bad as internal noise.

3. Shut off your internal noise. If you're having doubts about your marks or finances speak to your lecturer, a friend or approach on campus counsellors -- they are there to help you. You will sleep better once you've talked through your concerns about your studies and gotten the help you need.

4. Nap. If there's quiet time between classes and you're feeling sleepy then by all means take advantage of your dormitory and get some shut eye.

5. Have an awesome friend who lives off-campus. The friend I mentioned earlier often slept over at my parent's house during exams. We'd study during the day and at night she got a good night's rest, which she probably would not have gotten at res.

Do you have any sleep tips for students? Please share in the comments.

Cheers to the weekend!


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