Sleep Tips For Working Women

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I like to think that I have the perfect sleeping patterns and that I get the most out of bedtime and bedtime prep. Bedtime preparation time is as important as getting in to bed itself, what are you doing before bedtime and will it help you sleep better or are you about to stay up for more than an hour waiting to fall sleep? I know a lot of the people I've met through work are as obsessive about  getting a good night's sleep as I am. But sometimes, we tend to sabotage ourselves with our pre-bed rituals.

Screen Time:

Most sleep scientists recommend  that people do not watch television or use any backlit screen before bed. So if you're on your computer until the clock strikes your bedtime you're hindering all the good sleep you could be having. I know that on the nights I work late I find it harder to fall asleep immediately when I get into bed.

Some sleep experts even go as far as recommending reading book on paper and not on an e-reader because it's backlit, which delays/suppresses the release of melatonin -- an important sleep hormone.

My Tip is to wrap up work  at least an hour before bedtime, keeping a hardcopy of  a book on your night stand and not taking your cell phone to bed with you. More on this issue here.

World on Your Shoulders:

This is an expansion on why I strongly suggest not taking your mobile phone to bed with you. As a career woman half the time I feel like I have the fates of most of the world resting on my shoulders, especially in the field I'm in. This worsens when I'm in crisis mode. I've done my best in the past to let go of all the stresses I couldn't remedy and go to sleep. Having my smartphone in bed with does not allow my mind to shut off and release all the problems I cannot control; what with emails and notifications coming in every hour. Give yourself this 7 - 8 hours of being in bed without any worries; use it to refresh your mind so that you'll be sharp for the Morning After.

The most important thing is that you unwind before getting into bed, be it through a light read, meditation or music. No problems, worries, cell phones or e-readers are allowed in bed.

Do you, as a working woman, experience other sleep problems?


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