Sleep wear through the ages

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Men, women and children have worn ridiculous things to bed over the past two millennium.

Sleep wear had humble beginnings. Initially, human beings slept naked or in their day clothes. As fashion progressed the night shirt or chemise was created.

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Sleep wear took on many forms and names including neglige, peignoir, night gown, lingerie and pyjamas.

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It appears that most sleep wear fads were adopted from cultures from around the world. Persia produced banyans which became modern day gowns worn both by men and women; asian kamonos inspired men to wear their gowns during the day; and the French created the neglige which meant underclothing or negligent clothing.

negligee copy

Sleep wear should promote comfort and warmth rather than promoting a smaller waistline. Whatever you wear to bed, I hope it makes you feel great the whole night through.

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