Sleep Well, From my Family to Yours

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One of the greatest lessons I keep learning and enjoy learning is that my children aren't mine to hoard and mold . Love and guide, yes but they are not here for me to stifle and try to mold into the next generation of me. From the moment they were born they've given me plenty special moments of clarity. The same applies to hubby. My family teaches me so much I can't imagine my life without any of them. This is what they have taught me about winter sleep.

The most extraordinary  thing is that my four most favourite people in the world have become my own little club. They always do their best to support me in all my endeavours and are often my guinea pigs. So naturally they have joined me in my healthy sleep and active lifestyle journey. They have gone above and beyond using their Sealy beds and have actually developed their own healthy sleeping habits.

Here are some winter sleeping tips from my family and hopefully they will help yours:

Hubby: Get up and go

My husband, bless his heart, never stays in bed waiting for sleep to happen to him or to get warm. When he feels his sleep not coming to him he gets out of bed, warms some milk or reads a book. I used to think he was spending this time catching up on work or his sports but he says "the television, computer or paperwork would only keep me awake longer." Get out of bed but try to tire your brain.

Oldest Son: Let the air in

Winter or summer my oldest always keeps his window ajar. He says it works for him to have some natural air, just to clear his mind especially if he has been studying. "It makes the room a much colder and tells my body it's time to get in bed."  The stifle of  heaters and warm meals does not prepare his body for sleep as much as the cold does.

Daughter: De-clutter the mind

My daughter is in many aspects like her old lady she worries a lot and says the only thing that helps her fall asleep at night is writing all her worries down and dealing with them. She makes lists of this to do the next day, make notes of people to phone and is very strict about switching her cell phone off "some of my friends BBM at all hours, I don't need to deal with that. I'll see them at school."

Youngest Mister: Time me, please

It gets dark very early out, which can trick the brain into thinking it's bedtime, this is why Youngest Mister has made it his mission to set an alarm for his bedtime of 20h45 because when he sleep too early he gets tired.

Your Domestic Goddess: Mattress

Winter or summer, all I need is my good Sealy bed and I'm ready for cold nights.


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