Sleeping after surgery

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Recovery from surgery is often slower than you may have anticipated or longer than the surgeon has promised you. Whilst in hospital you may not notice just how difficult it can be to sleep - with access to an adjustable bed, nurses to strategically place pillows and that great 'morphine-on-demand' button.

Once home, however, you may find that a good sleep position is hard to find - especially if an old favourite is off limits for a few weeks. For example, after a back surgery you may have to lie on your stomach or after a hip surgery you may not be able to lie with your hips bent. And, you may have to do things a little differently if you are unable to move with as much freedom. Twisting and reaching may be banned or simply too painful for a while.

Do not fear, I found some clever devices to help you get back home and back to your old self. I think they're ingenius!

face down pillow copy Face-down pillow - This pillow allows you to sleep face down which is great if you have a wound or fracture that needs to heal, or alternately, want to take some pressure off your back. Be sure to get the all-clear for this position from your doctor or rehabilitation therapist before you order online.


long reacher copy


Long reacher - Just can't reach? No problem. Whether on the floor or far away you should be able to get at it without more than a hand movement. This helps take away the temptation to just twist or bend this one time to get that remote or shoe or last choccie biscuit that has fallen on the floor.


neck pillow copy


Multi-purpose pillow - You may need more support around your neck, between your knees or under your feet. At least one curved cushion, like this one, is what you need.

long handle sponge copy



Long-handled sponge - Great for washing those far away bits such as your feet and back.

cervical pillow copy


Cervical neck pillow - Another great pillow to help manage pain. This pillow fits snugly behind your head to support the top of your spine.


Wherever you are in the recovery process we wish you a fast recovery and great night's sleep!


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