How is Mick going to get to sleep before his next big surf competition?

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Surviving a shark attack is all in a day's work for World No. 2 Mick Fanning. During the J-Bay Open Final where Mick was chasing his fourth world title, he didn't get a chance to beat his competitor Julian Wilson, but did get the chance to outwit a nuuskierig great white.

The narrow escape was witnessed on Live TV by millions of fans and what was more amazing than the shark fin was Fanning and Wilson's response. Fanning whilst defending himself shouted at Wilson to get out the water, who did the exact opposite and swam toward his fellow Australian. The bravery, humility and selflessness  witnessed in a high stress moment is what will make this one of the biggest moments in surf and sport history.

So if you missed out here is the crazy clip.

I am not sure how you get back in the water after that... but back in the water he will have to get as he is a professional surfer after all. Only time will tell if he can 'shake this off' and go on to claim his next world title, but one thing is for sure, Mick's resilience and character has been shown to the world.

See the interviews here.

If you too have had a traumatic event or are just struggling to get to sleep before your big competition here are some tips to recovering your sleep.


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