Sleeping in an Airport

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Over the years I've had my fair share of sleeping on benches and waiting lounges in airports. Flights get delayed by the weather, they run late or are postponed for clearer skies. It happens. That's number one rule of air travel: anything can happen. I've slept in airports for a number of reasons, which ranged from not being able to afford a hotel room to wanting to be one of the first people put in planes should seats and the skies open up. So, how does one sleep in an airport?

1. Block out the environment

Airports are busy under the best circumstances but they're worse when people are in panic due to cancelled flights. My travel eye mask and earplugs are my go-to methods of shutting out the airport noises and bright lights.

2. Set an alarm

If you do step one correctly you end up hardly aware of what's going on around you. Setting an alarm for when flights are supposed to start boarding passengers; if there isn't a set time then an alarm every two hours will help you keep track of what's going on. Try asking other travellers seating close to you to wake you up and a set time.

3. Get comfortable
Not all of us have sleeping bags on us at all times, I recommend buying a travel blanket and pillow. They'll make your sleep a bit more comfortable. Another plus is wearing cosy travel clothes. Think ugg boots and tracksuits.

4. Stay Safe
Keep your luggage safe, sleep in plain sight of the security and be aware of your surroundings at all times. It's even worth it going up to the nearest member of security staff and introducing yourself. They may even tip you off about when the flights and boarding and you'll be one of the first in line. *winks*

5. Have fun
Airport nights can seem long! Bring your book, magazine or pack of cards. Bring snacks and water to keep you hydrated. You may as well enjoy your waiting time.

Sleeping in an airport is never anything like sleeping on my comfy Sealy bed but I always tried to be as comfortable as I can make it.

Have you had to sleep in an airport? Please share your experiences in the comments section.

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