Sleeping Through The Pain

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For most people over the age of 65 pain is a common part of their lives. They carry this pain from morning to night; they take it to bed with them too. With causes such as falling, arthritis or surgeries -- most of us will go through old age pain. With balance being a big issue during old age, falls are the most common causes of pain in older people -- especially those who live alone.

While recovering from a fall or surgery one's doctor may prescribe pain management medication, which though very helpful in relieving pain, may lead to sleeplessness. To counter the effects of the medicines, most people are advised to abstain from consuming caffeinated beverages like coffee and some teas.

It's even advisable to speak to your GP about alternative pain relief methods or request a small prescription of sleeping aids that will interact well with the pain relief medicine. These can be taken in the duration of the recovery period this way you're still able to get the sleep you need. If the pain medicine prescribed causes drowsiness then it'll lead to tiredness and leave the patient sleepy during the day but wide awake at night.

Keeping pain at bay

1. Stay active and eat well, this way you will not put on any extra weight. Extra kilos can put strain on the body and joints.

2. Practices like Pilates can help you with balance and strength. It's often never too late to start but the you start the better the exercises works to counter back pain and posture issues.

3. Speak to your GP about your pain management options and how they might affect your sleep.

4. Evaluate your mattress options. Maybe it's time to switch from springs to memory foam.

5. Try to avoid sleeping around (falling asleep on the sofa can hurt your neck for days on end.)

Lastly, never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help, be it from family, neighbours or your GP. Use the support systhem around you.

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