Sleeping Well At a Certain Age

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There are a lot of euphemisms used to refer to old people. I'm old, I've lived quite a number of years and I'm proud of that. Of all the (sometimes ridiculous) euphemisms used to reference old people my favourite is "women of a certain age." I like that one. That's where this post's title comes from. Today I'm bringing you some tips to help you sleep better when you're a "certain age."

Good, quality sleep along with a balanced diet and physical activity are the key to aging well. To living well and sleeping well, even in your old age. It's to be expected that older adults have more interrupted sleep as they become unable to produce as much melatonin as they used to, which means you'll experience less frequent deep sleep cycles. But dobn't despair, there are ways you can improve your quality of sleep (along with your quality of life.)

1. The item that's top of any sleep guide and help list is always the bed. Make sure that the bed you have is suited to your needs. Your bones get brittle the older you get, which means the bed you slept in in your 30s might not provide you with the same comfort later in life. If you've had your bed since your 3s then that's a problem. Here's my guide for buying the perfect Sealy bed for you

2. Always be aware of the medication you're taking. We all need a boost later in life but if most of what you're taking is filled with caffeine and other ingredients that go against sleep then maybe it's time to investigate alternative methods. The same goes for food, always be vigilant of what you're putting in your body.

3. Staying active is a great way to help you sleep better as you age. I won't say I kill myself in the gym as I did in my 20s but I walk everywhere and take an aerobics class at the community hall at least once a week. So a brisk but short walk in the morning and evening 2-three times a week will help keep you fit and release happy hormones.

Other tips:

Get out. Feel the sun on your (SPF 15+ ) face and feel the breeze in your hair.

Do things that make you happy.

Don't worry about falling asleep.

Don't nap too much, what you take during the day takes away from the night.

I hope these tips will help you sleep better when you reach a certain age and that you'll embrace that stage of your life.



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