Sleeping well in warm weather

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Dear Summer

I am so glad you have finally arrived.

The gifts you have brought us for Christmas are wonderful.

The sunshine, holidays, watermelon, ice-cream cones

and sun-kissed skin have been much appreciated.

However, I cannot say the same for the sweaty nights,

mosquito infestation and heat rash you sent along.

Please inform me of your return address.

I would like to return these immediately.


Poor Summer Sleeper


Is it possible to get a good night's sleep in the good weather? Unfortunately the warmer weather brings shorter nights, thriving insect populations, noisy mating calls from frogs, 4am birdsong and the swirl of ceiling fans. This means that sleep and the over-arching joy it brings could be difficult to find.

Pro-activity appears to be your best weapon in this battle for quality sleep. Here are some steps you can take now to get a great night's sleep as we step into the midst of Summer.

Vacation - Going away? Here's what you need to do.

Book into a hotel room with aircon (it will be worth the extra cost) and take along a humidifier (to prevent any upper respiratory tract irritations from the dry air). The experts say the ideal temperature for sleeping is 21 degrees but there is an acceptable range as far as 12 - 24 degrees celsius (18 - 22 degress Fahrenheit).  Set a timer so your room is the perfect temperature by the time you are tucking in. The white noise of the aircon can also assist in better quality sleep.

Investigate the bedding in your room as soon as you arrive. Make sure you have some good options to keep your body at the right temperature. Your body temperature dips in the early hours so have a blanket close by so you can warm up with as little disrupting to your sleep.

Put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your door if planning to sleep in or phone down for an early morning wake up call if trying to re-align your circadian rhythms.

Staycation - Staying at home? Read on.

Get a good fan for your bedroom that has a built in humidifier. A fan can be stored during the cooler months. An added bonus is the moving air deters mosquitoes and other flying insects and the white noise is a winner.

Get out your summer bedding. You will need a 100% cotton sheet to sleep on and one to sleep under. Get your summer duvet ready and keep a light blanket on nearby. You should be able to use this linen in varying combinations to get the perfect body temperature. Remember, bedding needs to washed more often in summer so keep it clean and crisp by throwing it in the machine at least once a week.



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