Sleeping with the enemy

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With winter around the corner you may be dreaming of a mid-year break to somewhere a little warmer like Mozambique India or Malawi. You may be somewhat put off if your dream destination turns out to be a "Malaria Area" (I love the way that rolls off the tongue...malaria area, malaria area, malaria area..)

Malaria map copy

Fortunately, there is really no need for alarm. There is plenty you can do to keep these villainous mozzies at bay. To ensure you stay healthy, don't waste your holiday worrying about mozzies and get plenty of sleep follow these steps.

1. Wear clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible

This is easier said than done on a beach holiday but give it a go if you can - Think flowy cotton dresses, blouses, scarves and long trousers. Dawn and dusk are when there is a mozzie feeding frenzy (they seem to avoid the midday heat) so make a special effort at these times.

2. Use insect-repellent impregnated mosquito nets

Nothing stops a mozzie biting you more than this pretty, but practical barrier. If traveling far, find out if they provide nets. If not, take your own. Climbing into your mozzie net should give you peace of mind that you are protected AND that you should sleep through without any unwanted interruptions.

3. Antimalarial drugs

There are many drugs available, most of which have long names and end in "ine". There are pros and cons to taking each drug and some high-risk areas require a drug cocktail, so be sure to discuss your options with your pharmacist or at your travel clinic.

For other anti-mozzie tactics, see one of our previous blogs Getting some Zzzzzz, banning the mozzies.



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