Sleeping with your Smart phone?

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Dear Sleep Expert

I want to use the Azumio Sleep Time App but I don't like the idea of sleeping with my mobile phone next to my head. Could this be detrimental to my health? Won't it acually make my sleep problems worse?


Brain Drain



Dear Brain Drain

Brilliant question! It's one that's tough to answer as mobile phones are the 'new kid on the block'. The WHO has been researching the effects of mobile phones on our health but unfortunately the results won't be conclusive for a couple more decades. What we do know, however, is the following:

1. Regularly holding a mobile phone against your head is possibly carcinogenic.

Babies and children with thinner skulls and growing brains are more at risk than adults. It is recommended that users text, use a hands-free kit or the speaker phone function to limit their exposure. It is also recommended that nobody sleeps with an active phone next to their head. A phone on airplane mode that is not receiving calls or connecting to the internet poses zero risk. So feel free to use your phone as an alarm clock as long as it is on this mode.

NOTE: Unfortunately, using the Azumio Sleep Time App requires that the phone battery is fully charged and that the phone is switched on and connected to the internet. The phone also needs to be placed under your sheet on the top corner of your bed so it can detect movement). This means it could be a health risk if used regularly. Rather use the App when necessary and not every night.

2. The light emitted by your mobile phone screen delays production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

When you use your phone before bed, you are shining blue light from its screen directly at your face. This tells your brain that it is daytime and you become more alert. So, not only are you delaying bedtime by keeping busy on your phone, but even after you switch off, your brain will not be ready for sleep as it will not know that it is night time.

Delayed sleep onset and poor sleep quality are known to cause life-threatening illnesses such as stroke, cancer and heart disease.

NOTE: Azumio Sleep Time App works 'behind the scenes' without illuminating your screen so will not delay sleep onset. Use the App when necessary to confirm a sleep problem and then GET TREATMENT. You will improve your long-term health and feel better.



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