Sleepless Celebs

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I remember writing a post about celebrities who have sleeping disorders or sleep patterns that are out of the ordinary about six months ago. One of the first few things that always comes to mind when I put celebrity and sleep together in my mind is the legend of Michael Jackson and his oxygen chamber that was meant to help him sleep well, stay young and live longer. So today I'm celebrating those famous people who work so hard you wonder if they even have time to sleep. Sleepless celebrities who are making moves in their respective industries.

Number one on my list is our girl B*. Bonang Matheba -- a favourite of mine -- is one hardworking woman! She's making serious strides in the local media and entertainment industry. At any given time Bonang probably has more than three jobs. She recently joined the Top Billing family, hosted Mnet's Clash of the choirs, had a radio show, a production company, online show on top of the usual MC and voice over gigs. Phew! I'm tired just ticking off her achievements. She's also made appearances on number of influence lists this year including a Forbes Africans in media list.  This week she was named as Revlon's newest face: joining the ranks of Halle Berry, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.

Another sleepless celebrity woman is Rihanna. Just last year Ms. Fenty threw the 777 tour. She flew to 7 cities over 7 nights to perform a concert in each one. The 777 jet was the biggest party there was last year. She's currently on her Diamonds World Tour, which she'll be bringing to our shores later this year! In-between all of this she even managed to launch a fashion line with British brand River's Island.

After watching Beyoncé 's Life is But a Dream I realised that she's one of the most hardworking and dedicated women in the world. From footage of conceptualising tours to that of her rehearsing a dance sequence in a hotel hallway. The Queen Bey is entertainment's number one for a reason -- she works hard and never says die.

It seems like these entertainment women are quintessential sleepless celebs but I doubt it. You need a good night's sleep to hit the notes they hit or look as good on camera as they do -- this thought helps me sleep better and hug my Sealy bed tighter every night.

Cheers to the weekend!

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