Sleep thieves that may be waking your baby!

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Babies wake often, and this is normal, and not harmful. But sometimes, babies start to wake more than usual thanks to sleep thieves!

This blog serves to hand over some of the culprits that may be keeping your baby/toddler/child up at night.

1. Worms!

Gross but true. Kids love touching, tasting and swallowing strange things. They are most at risk if they attend daycare and come into contact with other kids who carry the worm eggs. An infestation of worms causes fussiness and night time waking as the intestine and anus become itchy and the child is robbed of precious nutrients. Yes, worms are more active at night. Ew. The solution? De-worm your whole family every 6 months and encourage regular hand washing with soap.

2. Tonsils!

It is very common for little ones to develop tonsillitis. If there is a severe infection or many infections one after the other, the tonsils and adenoids may become enlarged and block the airways. This leads to snoring and sleep apnea. The solution? Ask your doctor to help you treat the tonsillitis. If your child experiences more than five bouts of tonsillitis in a year - get them taken out!

3. Allergies!

Pollens, dust mites and grass peak during Spring. Whilst runny noses and itchy eyes are annoying during the day, at night they can make staying asleep impossible. The solution? Eliminate allergens where possible and use an antihistamine that does not cause drowsiness or grumpiness. Administer the correct dose around 5pm so that the effects wear off before your child wakes for the day.







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