Sleepwear: What to Wear to Bed in Winter

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Comfort is a great key to good sleep. Getting comfortable in bed takes the mattress, bedding and what you wear to bed in to consideration. And when the temperatures drop, it's far too easy to get carried away when choosing attire to wear to bed.

Choosing the right sleepwear for your heat needs is often a trial and error situation, which often takes a few nights  (if not a week or two) to perfect. The important thing to keep in mind is that extreme temperatures always affect sleep. Very few people are able to sleep while feeling either too cold or too hot.

There are two popular approaches to choosing sleepwear for winter and therefore making a suitable sleeping environment. Some change what they were to bed opting for snug cottons and thermal wear as well as adjusting their bedding; while others keep the same sleep wear and over compensate with blankets. The risk with the latter is that 1. Blankets get heavy and 2. overheating at night  is almost a guaranteed occurrence. Both of these by-products of not adjusting sleep wear affect quality of sleep.

Things to consider:

A number of people have a problem falling asleep when their feet are cold. It's understandable wearing bed socks during winter or even buying pyjama bottoms that have feet.

Whenever you reach for those silk/ satin pyjamas imagine yourself making the trip to the bathroom at night in your cold home -- by the time you make it back to bed they will be cold and it will take you a few minutes to warm up again and fall back asleep. Imagine this scenario and reconsider your choice of sleepwear material.

Keep the fit of your sleepwear in mind when choosing. Pyjamas that are too fitted can be restrictive of movement whereas baggy pyjamas are likely to leave you tangle up.

Babies are another consideration all together. They toss and turn and probably end up kicking their blankets, which the America paediatric foundation only recommend after 12 months. Bundling your bundle of joy up is the real key to keeping them warm. Think long sleeves, fleece, socks/ closed feet and a sleeping bag for baby.

What do you and your little one wear to bed in winter?

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