Small Bedroom Ideas

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Happy Friday!

Being finished with exams -- and university, for this stage of my life -- I've found myself having A LOT of time to sit on the internet, sketch and play round with lots of ideas.  The thing that's been constantly at the top of my ideas list is my cottage -- rather, the cottage in which my sister is letting me live. Apart from my bed, clothes strewn about on the bedroom floor the place is just as I found it.  Before I didn't have money or the time to take on a redecorating project. I still don't have much money but I have plenty of time and inspiration!

Our (The Morning After Blog's) sister blog The Furnishing Touch did a few posts on Starting out, those post gave me a few ideas. For example, I'm don't live in a dorm room but my the cottage -- particularly the living area -- has shoddy lighting so the floor lamp idea was a great one for me. This is the idea I came up with for my living area based on that floor lamps idea from the starting out posts. There are a quite a few wood furniture pieces in the cottage, which used to live in the main house.

Pop Princess lounge

While I was perusing the internet for inspiration and design ideas I came across this Freshome 40 Small Bedrooms Ideas post. I encourage you to click right on through to the rest of the ideas if you're also looking small bedroom advice.

Is it me or was this whole bedroom built around that flirty floral summer dress? Though quite small, the designer made a great point of this room not feeling too cluttered or congested. I also like the colour pallet.

I would be so happy if my bedroom had this much storage! For one it would permanently eliminate the clothes-on-floor situation. I also like the mini-office space.

This bedroom has another great desk idea. There's very little storage but I really like the under-bed storage.

What are/will you be doing with your free time?

Cheers to the weekend!

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