Snow day

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FNB Bank City via News24

This women's week has gotten to a bit of a historic start, what with the events of yesterday. This is a post about the weather, yes. For weeks now I'd begun to wonder if my (sometimes) mornings off had got as exciting as they ever will. There are only so many manicures I can get. And I fear it's only a matter of time before my "I'll just tighten the presentation up" becomes a full blown working session. Yesterday's morning off, however,  was brilliant!

The morning was very cold, the weather man on the morning news said the temperatures would only improve to only about 9 degrees Celsius, if that. There was also no hope of me having a nice lie in. My mother insists we have breakfast or an early lunch on my mornings off.

A lazy and long breakfast at a Cafe/Deli in Rosebank was long enough time for my mother to tell me any news she'd discovered between our Sunday phone chat and the morning of our date.

Though it's much unlike my mother, we didn't discuss any new exercises she wants us to try in the up coming warm seasons. We also didn't discuss the boyfriend, which is a rare but welcome treat. All we had on our minds were the snowflakes that kept falling but never gathering to show themselves conclusively as snow. The last time snow feel in the city (according to news sources and family historians) was in 2007 and before then it fell in 1981.

By the time my mother and I left the restaurant the snow had gathered quite beautifully. Friends were sending SMSes and MMSes to share their experience. Though I've seen snow before, when I've gone on holiday abroad it was really exciting to see my beautiful Johannesburg draped in folds of white.


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The only down side of the day and the weather is that my beautiful niece was not n town to enjoy it. She would have looked great in it. A great memory to have indeed.

Did you manage to take any great pictures of the white? Please share. All mother and I got were pictures of cars and drizzle-looking flakes.

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