So Your Room mate is a Fire Engine…

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Or it sounds like they are.

I think that university years are a test in character but most of all university/further education will help you build your patience. Not only are you thrust in to a dynamic world filled with strangers who have different backgrounds and personalities but you have more freedom and responsibilities than you could have ever imagined. Nobody will be running after you after your work, social habits or eating. And if you're staying in the school's residence then it's very likely that you'll also have to deal with a stranger's sleeping patterns and issues.

So after meeting your new room mate through orientation week, swapping childhood stories and even dividing your room up -- based of plug point access and proximity to the window -- in a way that's satisfactory to you both you eventually settle in to your new home and it all begins.

If your room mate has sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is the medical/scientific term for snoring. One moment you have this sweet room mate with a honey voice but when the lights go off it sound like there's a chainsaw murderer lurking about... Earplugs are your only ally in this situation that and noise cancelling headphones.

If your room mate has insomnia

I could not imagine trying to sleep while there's a person tossing and turning, making phone calls, playing a computer game or doing anything but sleeping in the same room. But unfortunately insomnia is a condition that takes time to reverse, the best you can do here is ask your roomie to hang out in a friend's room or in the residence's common room until they are certain they're sleepy. I know if I had insomnia and had a room mate I'd offer this -- no use in both of us not getting good sleep.

So your room mate needs a lullaby

Some people sleep better to music. Be a good room mate and accommodate their need for soothing tunes -- as long as it's not metal rock. Negotiate volume and playlist and who know, you may just find yourself sleeping better than before.

Have you ever had a room mate with sleep problems? How did you both deal with them?

Cheers to the weekend!


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