Solving Kids’ sleeping problems

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Passed out little people

First I have to say how lovely and child friendly the article I'll be quoting in this post is! I suppose if we (adults) are doing it it's to be expected that children are also searching things like "How-to: stop wetting your bed" and "How:to get people to like you"  especially if they're embarrassed about what's going on. These are a few sleep problems children often have and some suggestions to solve them.

Problem: Nightmares

With my first two babies I had a big problem with this because, well I'm a soft mummy. I love to hold and rock my kids. My biggest problem was that if they thought they saw something in the room or couldn't go back to sleep I would take them to bed with me (I know, bad!) But try leaving your two-year old alone in their room when they're convinced there's an octopus trying to eat them.


Children are advised to stay away from scary television shows, movies and video games. Sometimes an age restriction isn't enough, I advise parents to judge what they think their young children may or may not find upsetting. i.e My Girl

Problem: Trouble falling asleep

From the workload they have in school, extramural activities and their chores at home it's very hard to imagine children and teens having a hard time falling asleep but all that worrying about the debate team, soccer practice and the party next weekend can prevent children falling alseep.


The article on provides the following solutions:

1. To make their bedroom a sleep friendly area "Make your bedroom comfortable and quiet to help you sleep. Wear comfy PJs. Close your bedroom door to block out noises"

2. Create a sleep schedule: I'm a huge fan of this! From a young age I've tried to put my children to bed at the same time and set waking alarms for the same time. The body gets used to a routine.

3. The last solution is to talk over what's worrying you.Whether with a trusted friend, sibling or a parent.

Problem: Bed-wetting

This problem can be very embarrassing for children, often some learn sooner than others even though potty-training is started at the same time.


1. No drinks close to bedtime, in my house the rule was than bed-wetters have no drinks during dinner or later.

2. Always use the bathroom before bed.

3. Wake up at night to use the bathroom. I encourage parents to help their children by waking them up and getting their bodies used to going to the bathroom several times in a night.

I hope this has gone a long way in helping you solve you kids' sleeping problems


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