Some Secret Santa Gifts Are a Bad Idea

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This coming Friday is my last day at work for 2012 and it also happens to be the office Christmas party/end of year celebration function. This means we'll be letting our hair down, well as down as corporate coiffures can go.

As is tradition, at the beginning of the month we all randomly selected people within our department to give gifts. The CEO of our company generally enjoys giving (and receiving) gifts and secret santa has been a part of the company's culture since its inception.

I've never been lucky with the candidates who picked me. The gifts have mostly been bad fits, which I end up passing along -- does passing bad gifts on create horrible gift karma? Please say it isn't so!

These are some classics from the (not so) great hits list:

1. Peanut Butter and Jam combo

A few years ago a new colleague bought me a peanut butter tub and a jar of strawberry jam. Maybe they picked up on the office grapevine that my PA and Head of HR were forever poking fun at me for my love for P&J sandwiches. It was a bit weird seeing as he wasn't part of the joke and my PA and the HR person had already taken me to one of the most expensive restaurants in the city and ordered the sandwich.

2. Socks

I think in the time with the company I've received about five pairs of socks from secret santas, which I always sneak into the winter collection box wrapped in one of my coats.

3. Framed Picture on the Boss

Ok, he was standing next to the  company logo and the company mantra was most prominent... But it's still strange! This was given to me at the first company I ever worked at. What exactly was I meant to do with it? I knew the company and I weren't the best fit when my ex boss was impressed by the gift.

As you can see bad gifts are bound to happen. If you work at a multi-departmental organisation and don't know the person, have a look at their profile on the company website and ask around about them and buy the best gift you can buy with the set amount.

Other tips:

Don't get too personal

Don't regift presents from the previous year, feeling might get hurt

set a cost limit.

What is are the worst and best secret santa gifts you've received? Pleae share in the comment section.

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