Special Days for Pups

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So very rare are the days when I wake to some vindication and great news. Today the Expresso Morning Show on SABC 3 celebrated their canine presenter Bob's first birthday. It was a very lovely affair when they flew his mother from Pretoria to Cape Town (and her owner) to be with the Frenchie. These are great TV moments

On top of introducing Bob's mum to viewers and reintroducing her to him after months apart they introduced a new French Bull dog called Bella. A friend for Bobby. As a loyal viewer who has tried to watch (in between packing lunches, making breakfast, retying ties and combing hair) while the TV dog learnt to do some tricks. Looking at his baby pictures I was so astonished to learn just how much the pup has grown in the last few months. It's a dog people thing...

I PVR'd the show to show hubby tonight and man nights to come. He always insists that I  sometimes lean on the excessive in my pooch mothering. Which I most certainly do not. I just want the best for all my children, including the ones on four legs.

I will be sure to remind him that none of our pooches have ever had a birthday cake. They are content with a new toy and extra treat on their "coming home" days. I have never allowed more than two dogs at a time to visit the house, which is more that what a party would entail.

Though I'm a softy when it comes to buying new toys for my dogs' best friends on special occasions I'm yet to give out gift bags (or do they call them doggy bags?)

Bob is a showbiz dog and when all his friends (WAG world and Bobtail) came to his party they brought goodies for all the other dogs too.

This PVR will be saved as a way to remind hubby every time he complains about a new jacket and toy or about driving the dogs to a play date. It could be so much worse, I could throw a doggy party in the back garden for all the dogs i the neighbourhood.

Happy birthday to Bobby, he looked like he had a great time.


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