Sports Are Good For Kids

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I had interpretive dance classes from the age of four until about the year I turned 11 -- the year I joined soccer and netball. This is the same year I did drama for a term and picked up dance again a few years later. It's always been important to me that my children do some sort of extramural t be it chess, cricket or art class. My oldest son is more physical so all his activities are sport related, my youngest is in chess, music class and plays soccer. My daughter on the other had spans both the active and mental extracurricular worlds with a history of being in the drama club, taking dance, playing netball, hockey, being in student governance, debate etc.

Even though I was an only child being a part of other communities outside the classroom and home gave me great experiences as well as  allowing me to grow, get out of my shell and meet new, incredible people. This is why I'm happy to drive my children to classes/practice or games.


I can't count the number of great experiences I, as their mother, I've had watching them interact with their teammates during rides back home. Having a parent phone and tell me that one of my kids has helped their child be more social or that their child never keeps quiet about the sweet boy or girl on their team who alway remembers their name or passes them the ball. I always phone a parent or mention it to them when we catch up a game or showcase if their child has been kind or helpful to mine.


Why is Participating in Sport Good For my Child?

1. Physical activity helps everyone sleep better -- this includes kids. After an afternoon of running around not only will your child be hungry but they'll also sleep soundly.


2. Team sports are particularly great with helping children learn to play well with others; whether it's sharing or learning to be good losers and winners. It helps them to grow socially.

3. Mental activities like chess, debate, maths club or a languages group will strengthen your child's mental prowess and help boost their memory and general knowledge.

3. Playing a sport will help your child keep fit. This is why all my kids are part of at least one active extramural team.

4. It'll teach them vital skills about time management and putting in hard work. How do you win a debate: you work hard on your research and presentation.

5. Being great at a extracurricular activity may present new opportunities such as going to compete in a different province or country, scholarships etc.



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