Spring/Summer Bedroom Essentials

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For the last couple of days we've had 25-degree weather. Sunshine and late sunsets. It's really starting to feel a bit like winter is leaving this town. My daughter is the only person in my house whose bedroom has been waiting for this season.

She has a great space, the sun rises outside her window and the windows are always open. I've told her that she should go into the real estate business because how she managed to get the best spot in the house I don't know.

With the seasons changing at this pace, I've had to pack most of the winter blankets and bring out the duvets and light comforters.

Warm Weather Bedroom Essentials

In my home every person has their own special needs for every season but especially summer. For hubby it has to be water. He often wake up during the night to refresh his jug. In spring and summer he's the most hydrated member of the family.

My oldest son has a mini fan that's spent the last few months enjoying a break in the appliances cupboard. He can't stand KZN nights during the warm seasons. I think it's part of the mysterious teenage boy fast-working metabolism most women wish they had; did most women know the nightly hot flashes he went through, I believe most would reconsider. Since the time he was 13 he's had his fan, which he can use whenever the heat gets too much for him. It's much better than hubby almost crushing him when he fetches his water because he's sleeping on the kitchen floor for its coolness.

My daughter always needs a stock of insect repellent because as I've mentioned she likes her windows open so she can drink her view in and fill her bedroom with the fragrance of the neighbour's mango trees.

Youngest Mister isn't a fuss. All he needs is a clock near by. Somewoh, the length of warm days slows down his body clock and I have to remind him when his bedtime comes around.

The biggest essential is that I stay on top of everyone's essentials (a mum's job is never done.) The only way (aside from lists) I stay on top of everything is by making sure that my own essential, which happens to be crisp cotton sheets, is upon my bed when I go to sleep every night.

What are your family's spring and sumer essentials?

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