Starting Small: Reel Gardening

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I think I first heard of Reel gardening in 2010. It is such a genius idea that I found myself half wishing I'd come up with of that it had been invented in my 20s. Most you know that I tried several times to start a garden when I was living in the city but failed each time. That often I couldn't even tend well to my herb pots that lived on my first flat's window seal. If you have little space in your come (hello flat/city dwellers) ot that yu want to start small then I have just the thing for you.

Reel Gardening was created by the then 16-year old Claire Catherine Reid. It was inspired by the problems she herself encountered when starting her vegetable garden. Not only is the Reel story encouraging but it always shows that every problem can be turned into a opportunity.

By 2008, after years of development and representing South African youth and women in science fairs around the world, Claire secured funding and so further research and development began.In 2010 Reel Gardening was launched into the market.

"Reel Gardening is a patented pre fertilised seed strip which encases the seed with organic fertiliser at the correct depth and distance apart. Reel Gardening is proudly handmade in Johannesburg by previously unemployed mothers. Reel Gardening strives to use Organic seed when available and the fertiliser it utilises is a registered organic product."

Reel Gardening is Proven to save about 80% of water during the gemination phase and eliminates the guess work that often goes with starting a vegetable garden it's also great for small spaces. It's also handmade, which means it creates employment. Not to mention affordable. A complete  veggie and  herb combo normally costs R270.00 (it's on sale and is R200.00 at the moment!) Visit the Reel Gardening online shop here. You can buy an herb garden, veggie garden or salad garden.

In these tough economic times and a day and age where one can't afford to not know where their food comes from, growing your own is a great option.

Have you ever tried starting your own garden? How was it?

Happy growing!

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