Staying Active And Keeping Fit

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A curious thing has happened in my life: being an almost graduate I have a lot of time on my hands. Time I want to spend being creative and keeping that part of my brain on overdrive. I also want want to get fitter but being the aforementioned almost-graduate(without a job) I can't afford a gym membership or going to any classes. This led me to further investigate (thank you google) alternative exercise methods for which I don't have to pay a fee and continue my  at-home-workout lifestyle.

My first search landed me on this:

"Because they do not require weights, bodyweight exercises are the ideal choice for individuals who are interested in fitness but do not have access to equipment. However that doesn't mean strength can't be gained when practicing it. Weights can be incorporated to increase the difficulty of most bodyweight exercises and some exercises do require some sort of apparatus to lean on or hang from, but the majority of bodyweight exercises require only a floor" via Wikipedia

I've done sit-ups at gym -- begrudgingly, might I add -- but I couldn't picture myself forcing myself to do them in my living room.  That was the first exercise to be ruled out. I have always been fond of squats because, well, they're the best way to keep my legs and booty toned and I have been doing about 50 reps per session and going for a run three to four times a week. Tricep-dips while bracing on my Sealy bed are my favourite way to start the day.

The best revelation for me as far as home/bodyweight exercises is concerned has been the plank! It's ridiculously good! When I first started I couldn't make it to 10 seconds but now I can hold the plank position for nearly 30 seconds and can do up to 13 repetitions. I, however, don't do it with the joy that the woman in the picture does; it's business not pleasure.

My friend, who's just joined a gym, has offered to lend her dumbbells and resistance band to me so I can spice things up. After googling what kettlebells are I politely turned them down when she offered to add them to the list. Baby steps.

I'm taking all the tips and advice that I can so please do share with me what has worked for you in the comments. Thank you.

Happy Friday!

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