Staying Fit in Hotel Rooms

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I have been on a steady travel schedule for nearly a decade. When I was 23  I found the job of my dreams: it suited what I wanted to do with my life at the time and had potential for a little travel. When I left it two years later I landed a different job which was more geared to my life plan. This job had travel as a main feature, which suited me perfectly. The only downside was that within a year of traveling, deadlines and eating exotic food every chance I got I had gained weight. Not only that I was far from the fit girl who played netball three times a week and ran at least bi-weekly. WhileI was on my annual leave I devised a plan to help me stay fit in Hotel rooms.

The first thing I realised (after about steady travel for work) was that most of the hotels I stayed in had gym. Yes, ladies, I always got lost in gift shops on the restaurants when I had free time. That was my first point of departure. To hit hotel gyms early before meetings (once the jetlag wore off.) Getting the exercise in before starting the day always works for me because after a day of meetings and work I'm spent and just want to vege on the bed until sleep comes.

There are times where I stay in hotels or B & Bs that are nowhere near gyms. It's at times like these when I'll pull up a video on youtube and do a cardio routine. Youtube is a great source of exercise inspirations, all you need s 30 minutes.

When I'm in dire straits and there isn't Wifi at my accommodation, which I only welcome when I'm on retreat holidays; I do a lot of body-weight exercises and resistance training. One time at a B & B in Greece I asked the inn keeper if she'd lend me two tins of canned goods to use in my routines. She looked at me like I was a strange girl and offered me eggs, bread and baked potato for breakfast -- I accepted.

Other ways to stay fit:

-  Practice yoga

- Run up and down stairs

- Go for a run/brisk walk outside

Don't beat yourself up if you don't get a chance to exercise while traveling.

What are you favourite ways of staying fit in hotel rooms? Please share in the comments section.

Happy Jetsetting!


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