Staying Organised

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I've just finished my first full month of being gainfully employed -- I wanted to say "of being a grown up"; however still living in my sister's cottage rent-free doesn't sound very grown up. More on that later. In my first month of having a day job and designing in the afternoon while trying to have a life in between I've found that I'm not as organised as I've believed myself to be.

So being someone who favours progress; recognising my mistakes and learning from them to do better I've come up with a few ways of staying organised. This way I'll get more out of my time at work, home and with loved ones.

1. Pack a bag

When I first started at my job it was fun and games: changing my handbag every other day. But during this I always managed to forget something important in the other bag; one day it was my balm then next my spare keys, the other my planner... Not fun. This is why I've decided to use one bag for work until I can find one of those orgnaiser things that I can move (along with its contents) from bag to bag.


2. Plan > Execute

I have a sweet planner, which I got from my brother in-law, designed to work as a reminder of my goals and tasks. Though I have been good at jotting down thoughts, short-term goals and tasks; I often forget to check it for outstanding work that needs doing.

3. Set Reminders

This applies to work related tasks as well as birthdays. If I didn't have Facebook one of my friends' birthday would have skipped my mind. I have great stationery at work and it's time I started using it. I also need to set an alarm clock because the more temperatures drop, the more I was to snuggle up to my Sealy bed.

4. Stop Apologising

Whenever my life gets busy I become quite apologetic and I think it's played out. I always do my best for my loved ones but I need to cut back on feeling guilty because I choose to work on a project instead on going out. I also need to take responsibility at work instead of just apologising.

5. Plan my Wardrobe


It eliminates a lot of running about in the morning.

6. Start saving 

I would like to move into my own little flat in eight months, start this grown up life thing properly.

What are you your tips for staying organised?

Cheers to the weekend

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