Strange but true sleep habits

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My family is full of strange sleep habits. There is my y father, who despite being in a (seemingly) deep sleep, will jerk awake as soon as you change the TV channel. There is my mother, who practices her work presentations between 3 and 5am whilst asleep. Then there is my sister, a repeat sleep walk offender, who has found her way into a few strangers' beds in her lifetime, not by choice! And lastly, my husband who acts out his dreams of eating ear plugs.

The most amusing moment is always the next morning when the sleeper tries to explain away the strange sleep behaviour.

There are strange sleep habits (like my family's) and then there are these HILARIOUS  sleep habits caught on camera. I found them incredibly amusing and hope you do too. Perhaps I will try catch my family members on camera too...

This is what you call a water baby! I wonder how they discovered this? (the clip starts after the Isuzu ad!)


Maybe we all need a power song to get us going when we wake up?


Apparently our furry friends are not spared either. This dog is happy by day and sleep fighter by night. 


This will make those who battle to fall asleep envious. These cats can sleep just about anywhere in any position.





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